Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (2024)

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Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (5)1528 E Sprague Ave
Spokane, WA99202

Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (6)Phone: (509) 535-4932

Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (8)Neighborhood: Spokane

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Beer and Wine


Deli, Deli, Meat Shops

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4.5 stars - Based on 48 votes

#233 out of 1041 restaurants in Spokane

#3 of 6 Deli in Spokane

5 star32 votes67%
4 star12 votes25%
3 star2 votes4%
2 star0 votes0%
1 star2 votes4%

Top Reviews of Sonnenberg's Market & Deli

Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (24)09/24/2023 - David
Every time I go in there they’re friendly it’s a good experience. Been buying there for over 20 years really love going in there and their deli sandwiches are yummy.

Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (25)09/01/2023 - Ann & Daniel Ayers
Love this!! Being able to ask for special cut size and how many in each package.

Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (26)08/17/2023 - MenuPix User
My husband and I moved to Spokane 1988 and have bought most of our meat there . We have always been happy with the product price is right. We buy in the bag and buys enough for 3 or 4 months

Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (27)07/02/2023 - Darlene
I went in to buy a flank steak, $ 11.99 lb 😱. After buying the horrible petite sirloin which was the worst, like chewing into rubber.. Costco has the same price for their Flank Steak & way better for the cut, taste, premium meat. Totally disappointed with Sonnenbergs and I’ve been going there for years

Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (28)02/27/2023 - Mark Banks
I'm always well taken care of by each employee I've had the pleasure to meet. In today's rising food prices ...
Sonnenberg Meats Market has balanced how far my money goes. Why everyone isn't using Sonnenberg's to push back on grocery prices is beyond me. I can get 2-3 times the value here versus ANY butcher/deli grocer in Spokane.

Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (29)12/07/2022 - Antje
Wonder people, wonderful experience. Fast friendly staff!!

Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (30)11/01/2022 - Stephanie
Definitely recommend sonnenbergs.. delicious quality meat and they accept ebt!! Super affordable and great meat boxes. I like to buy and freeze most of it and it lasts allll month!

Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (31)06/08/2022 - Tina
Employees are helpful, polite and personable. Meat is high quality. I love this place!

Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (32)05/29/2022 - MenuPix User
Good deals on meat

Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (33)04/13/2022 - Jon
I just had to leave a review because I come to this place all the time and the one bad review for this store is absolutely ridiculous and that person really needs to get a life that doesn't revolve around making people feel bad about themselves for accidentally stocking expired cheese. It must be nice having nothing more substantial to have a fit about

Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (34)03/30/2022 - MenuPix User
Old school. Quality, fair and reasonable prices and actual people that know what they are doing. Not the entitled slub looking at the operation manual for what to do and say next. Oh! The staff does not blame the computer.

Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (35)03/11/2022 - Ron Matlock
Not a better place to buy meat in Spokane...hands down!

Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (36)12/18/2021 - Debbie
Best prices and meat quality

Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (37)11/29/2021 - Glen k
Spokane institution! This is my go to place for specific hard to find cuts, which they not only always have, but are excellent quality. You’ll not find a better beef short rib anywhere on the planet. Ox tails, bones for soups, and lamb cuts are all great but their sausages are what I go for most of the time. The house made Italian sausage has graced many lasagnas, creole and stews.
That said, be prepared for some shabby “decor” and colorful fellow clientele. It’s a bit of a rough place but the quirkiness is just part of the gig.

Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (38)11/15/2021 - MenuPix User
I noticed that the bags of cheese I purchased have expired as of Sept 20th, 2021. I called them to complain about them selling expired cheese. They told me to come in for a refund. No apology, no acknowledgement that they will remove the product from their shelves. Disgusting! Almost 2 months after it expired and they can't even apologize for this is morally wrong.

Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (39)07/07/2021 - Pam B
Our family have been eating Sonnenberg's meats for years. Their meats are consistently excellent, prices reasonable, especially when I buy steaks by the bag, then it is truly a bargain. And, if you have questions about various cuts, how to cook, bbq, want a recommendation, they know it all.

Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (40)01/21/2021 - Charles
Very good meats & helpfull. People thanks!,

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Sonnenberg's Market & Deli, Spokane (2024)
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