Semi Dry Sabzi Recipes | Semi dry Indian vegetables | (2024)

Semi Dry Sabzi Recipes | Semi dry Indian vegetables |We have a large collection of semi dry Indian vegetables from quick semi dry sabzi, healthy semi dry sabzi to reginal semi dry sabzis.

Turai Onion Vegetable

Simple and quick semi dry sabzi

A quick time saver subzi for your family . this sabzis looks very simple and easy to make too..but it taste very intense and burst of flavour in every bite.

1.Aloo Methieasy, tasty and awesome. Yet, every time you taste it, potatoes with fenugreek leaves feels exotic.

Aloo Methi

2.Sev Tametamade with minimum and the most basic ingredients that are easily available in every Indian household pantry!

Sev Tameta

3.Methi Pitlacan be prepared in a jiffy. It is one of their comfort foods which is definitely part of their weekly menu.

Methi Pitla ( Healthy Subzi)

4.Quick Corn and Paneer Subziever-favourite combination of corn and paneer is cooked into a finger-licking subzi, all in a jiffy, with the support of everyday veggies and readily available spice powders!

Quick Corn and Paneer Subzi

5.Achari Dahi Bhindia super peppy flavour and aromatic subzi. The name achari comes from the combination of spices used in it.

Achari Dahi Bhindi, Punjabi Sabji

6.Creamy Cauliflowera mildly-flavoured white base. Onion, ginger and chillies together give the curry a very pleasant flavour without any overpowering spices.

Creamy Cauliflower Sabzi, Malai Gobhi

Regional semi dry subzi

Every region has its speciality subzi, here we have come up with variations and different taste from the north, south, east and west. The recipes are simple and easy at the same time to follow. Enjoy these with assorted Indian breads.

1.Bengali Style Jackfruit Currytraditional curry is super delicious, and you will really enjoy it withsteamedriceorLuchi.

Bengali Style Jackfruit Curry, Echor Kosha

2.Malabari Curry from the kitchens of kerala is no exception. The veggies rest in a base of coconut milk, and coconut is used in the masala paste.

Malabari Curry, South Indian Vegetable Curry

3.Oondhiyaa classic Gujarati vegetable from the city of Surat and hence also called Surti undhiyu.


4.Hyderabadi Baghara Bainganflavour-packed treat for your palate, with the dynamic flavours of several seeds and spices.

Hyderabadi Baghara Baingan

5.Kala Chana Sundaltempered with mustard, urad dal and other traditional ingredients, and garnished with fresh and juicy grated coconut.

Kala Chana Sundal, Sundal Recipe

6.Zunkatraditional Maharashtrian and spicy, the Zunka is considered by many as a dry version of the famous pitla.


Semi dry sabzi for Indian breads

If there is a gravy or semi dry sabzi there has to be a dry subzi in the plate. Here is the range of assorted subzis… where you find easy steps to make these scrumptious sabzis. Taste great with phulka.

1.Shalgam ki Sabzian Indian turnip vegetable. Shalgam or turnip, a member of the radish family that tastes much milder

Shalgam ki Subzi

2.Panchkutiyu Shaaksumptuous preparation of five types of vegetables cooked in a gujarati style coriander and coconut masala.

Panchkutiyu Shaak ( Gujarati Recipe)

3.Drumstick and Potato Subzisimple combination of drumstick with potatoes, onions and tomatoes, together with a traditional tempering and a few readily-available spice powders.

Drumstick and Potato Subzi

4.Aloo Mutter Kormacontrasting textures and complementary flavours of the two vegetables have a very fulfilling effect on the taste buds.

Aloo Mutter Korma, Punjabi Aloo Matar Korma

5.Bharwan Baingana super tasty version of Bharwan Baingan, in which the brinjals are stuffed with a sweet, tangy and spicy besan mixture before pressure-cooking.

Bharwan Baingan, Punjabi Bharwan Baingan Recipe

6.Paneer Khurchanan exclusive flavour and texture, perhaps due to the apt combination of veggies and spices with succulent paneer.

Paneer Khurchan

7.Methi Mushroom Sabzisuper aromatic fenugreek leaf is a great match for the relatively flavourless mushroom!

Methi Mushroom Sabzi, Veg Mushroom Semi- Dry Curry

Healthy semi dry sabzis

Good options for health conscious people.. ample of variation with lot of vegetables, which is easily available in the market. Do try the recipes and surely you will be happy to try each and every variety.

1.Ringna Vatanaan interesting subzi! Ringna Vatana makes use of both a spice powder mix and a onion-coriander paste.

Ringna Vatana

2.Spinach Mushroom Sabzicontrasting textures of mushrooms and spinach make the subzi a delight to chew while the addition of fresh cream gives it a lusciously rich mouth-feel.

Spinach Mushroom Sabzi, Palak Mushroom Recipe

3.Masala Chawlipacked with flavour and radiates an irresistible aroma! While the tomato pulp and fenugreek leaves impart a rich taste.

Masala Chawli

4.Masale Wali Turaia very simple and quick Indian semi dry sabzi, which can be cooked once in a week to be relished in either meal.

Masalewali Turai

5.Urad Dal with Spinacha sumptuous accompaniment to Indian breads with the distinct flavour of caraway seeds.

Urad Dal with Spinach, Healthy Urad Dal with Spinach

Enjoy ourSemi Dry Sabzi Recipes | Semi dry Indian vegetables |and other sabzi recipe articles below.

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Semi Dry Sabzi Recipes | Semi dry Indian vegetables | (2024)
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