Phillips County News from Malta, Montana (2024)

Paramount Pictures ORPHEUM Pathe Gold Ronster Plays Metro Pictures World Features Thursday, March 23d Friday, March 24th Saturday, M. rch 25th Monday, March 27th Tuesday, March 28th MUTUAL MASTERPIECE NIGHT PARAMOUNT NIGHT WORLD ZHT PARAMOUNT NIGHT PATHE NIGHT World Film poration Jesse L. Lasky -presents- -preser -presents- Pathe Company presents Mutual Masterpieces ALICE HEADY CLEO RIDGLEY MARY OSBORNE LAURA HOPE CREWS DeLuxe Edition playing a dual role -and- the youngest actress in pictures -in5 Part Special Features -it- MARGERY DAW -in-in- -or- "Blackbirds" "The Ballet Girl" The Cream of the Mutual Program "The Chorus Lady" "Little Mary Sunshine" A characterization entirely different Adopted from the Famous novel On this date, 23rd from her late success "The Fight- "Carnival." A screen version of the play by the 5 Parts "THE LOST HOUSE." ing Hope." Also Pathe News. same name. GOLD ROOSTER PLAY UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH.

There were several visitors in the services last Sunday. Their presence was appreciated. Mr. Hilbert led the Christian Endeavor Sunday evening and sang at the regular service most acceptably. The new Sunday school room makes an ideal meeing place for Christian Endeavor.

The young people show their appreciation by being The presenocial to applv on rugs and furnishings was a success. As at church we have lots of work to do. but a working church makes a winning church. Regular services next Sunday morning and evening. Cordial welcome to everyone to all the services.

G. L. STINE, Pastor. Mrs. Joe Best is at Coburg this week.

Mrs. Geo. C. Whitney is enjoying a visit from her sister, Mrs. Halverson of Glasgow.

Marshall Wolfe picked up a drunk on the street here Monday. Later he was given ten days in the city jail. Mrs. J. J.

Blair of Havre, who has been a guest at the Dr. Devney home the past week, leaves for home Saturday noon. E. Schepplemann has returned home from Alhambra Springs and feels greatly improved in health. He is back at the Reclamation office.

The supper given by the ladies of St. Mary's Guild Tuesday evening netted the ladies a little over $60. The supper was one of the best ever served in the city. Word comes from Glasgow that there is plenty of water in that locality. The Missouri river is so high that the water of the Milk river is backing up considerable.

Chas. Dunnigan went to Glasgow Wednesday morning to meet his wife and little son who are returning from Wallhalla, N. D. They all arrived here on No. 1 the same day.

dance given by the boys of the high school last Friday night was a big success, and everyone enjoyed themselves to the limit. Malta will be without a first class dance hall, as The Enterprise is moving into the building used for that purpose. Couny Assessor Roy Lee has appointed the following deputies and has them ready for the field work which will commence the first of the month: Isaac Murphy will assess the same territory he handled last year; Richard Aldrin will take the country south of town; Henry Christianson the Lovejoy country and the country north; Harvey Hemming assesses the Saco country; Edgar Lee the territory around Dodson, while Fred Hart will take Chick Whitcomb's place and assess the mountains. Spring is Here See our New Goods Our complete stock of beautiful wearing apparel for Ladies is in place and ready for your inspection. The selections embrace the most desirable outputs of the leading manufacturers of the country.

No other selection in this community can compare with this GREAT STOCK OF SPRING GOODS. Ladies Suits, Ladies Dresses, Ladies Middies, Ladies Coats In fact everything for the Ladies NO ONE FORGOTTEN In this store the men and little folks have not been forgotten, and the nifty lines we are showing will convince the buying public THAT this store is their store. New Suits, New Hats, New Underwear, the classiest line of Neckwear ever shown in town. BE WELL DRESSED No man or woman is well dressed unless their footwear is un-to-date and comfortable. We buy shoes that are noted for their fitting and wearing qualities.

We want you to see our line of Spring Merchandise. THE GOLDEN RULE We carry nothing but High Class Merchandise The Best of Everything ORPHEUM ATTRACTIONS Friday, March 24th Laura Hope Crews as a Crook: Those who enjoyed the wonderful art of this clever actress, Laura Hope Carews, in the Lasky-Belasco production of "The Fighting Hope" are to hove an pportunity to see her again as an different type of est woman Jesse L. in Lasky "Blackbirds," Feature the plat; Company release through Paramount Pictures Corp. In "Blackbirds" Miss Crews plays the clever queen of a band of crooks who operate all over the world. When this play was presented at the Lyceum theatre in New York, Miss Crews star scored of a the dramatic production triumph in the as same the role in which she will be seen on the screen.

Saturday, March 25th. Ballet Girl." Two luminaries of the screen of no less magnitude than Alice Brady and Holbrook Blinn are seen in the current release of the World Film corporation, the William A. Brady feature "The Ballet Girl," which is based upon the Grace George success "Carnival." The "Ballet Girl" has been given a lavish investure both scienically and as regards the case which is quite noteworthy even in these days of splendid stellar support. "The Ballet Girl" with "La Syrena" a beautiful and famous dancer and her lovely young daughter in whose blood is craving for stage fame. Miss Brady enacts both parts with consummate skill drawing a sharply distinguishing line between them yet indicating the influence of heredity i na striking manner.

She also brings to the twin roles all the charm and sympathy of interpretation which are such marked characterstics of this most delightful of young emotional actresses. Monday, March 27th Chorus Lady." "The Chorus Lady," James Forbes' amusing and dramatic play, which has been a sensation of the American stage for years, has peen presented in practically every country in the civilized world, has been picturized with an all-star cast by the Jesse L. Lasky Co. Attempts were made to secure this play by practically every motion picture company in the United States, until the author finally accepted the offer of the above company. An especially selected all star cast was secured to present this splendid comedy, Cleo Ridgely, the well-known star, who has appeared in "Stolen Goods" "The Puppet "The Secret Sin," "The Marriage of Kitty," and other plays, decided upon as the proper artist to portray the character of Patrica O'Brien, the chorus lady.

Marjorie Daw, the clever 14-year-old protegee of Geraldine Farrar, who scored such a success in support of Charlotte Walker, in "Out of Darkness," will be seen as the younger and stagestruck sister, Nora. Wallace Reid, the distinguished young actor, who was secured to appear as leading man for Geraldine Farrar, will be seen as "Danny," the young detective in love wih Pat. The remainder of the cast are all-star. actors. Thursday, March 30th.

"Damaged Goods." This great 7 reel Mutual drama is coming to the Orpheum, Thursday, March 30th. It is a drama of moral uplift, dealing with the vices of men and women of today and teaches and forces a most needed lesson. The effect of the play is wholesome. In it no vulgarty and no unnecessary facts are permitted to appear. It offers the strongest arguments against hypocracy and makes tremendous appeal for decency.

The more we have of "Damaged Goods" 011 the screen, the less "damaged goods" in actual life. No children under 16 years of age admitted to "Damaged Goods." Paul Langlois and Wilfred Primeau were among those who were in the city from Strater Tuesday, Roy Bailee arrived the first of the week from Casselton, N. and will be the new druggist at the J. F. Murray store.

Mrs. E. D. Kellar of Helena, who has been visiting her daughter Mrs. B.

Phillips, at the Phillips ranch, returned to her home Tuesday A seedy looking individual calling himself "Jimmie, the blew into Glasgow one day recently but having a taste of Puck Powell's third degree methods at the county jail, decided he was not tough at all and blew out of the city faster than he blew in. NOT OUR ED. WHITE. JAMES MURPHY DIES IN GLASGOW HOSPITAL Friday afternoon, March 10th, James Murphy, a well known resident of the Milk River valley, died the hospital at Glasgow where he had been taken from Hinsdale for treatment for an illness that caused temporary insanity. Funeral services were th held the 13th.

Rev. Molyneux, of that city preaching the sernion and the remains were followed to the cemetery by a host of friends of the deceased. "Little Jimmy" Murphy has been a familiar character in this valley for many years and had a host of friends in every town from Havre to Glasgow. He generally made his headquarters in Hinsdale and especially during the base ball season. His one great hobby in life was ep playing ball and if he could not get on the team he was always in evidence at any time the Hinsdale team played.

Base ball fans all over the valley loved "Jimmy" for his loyalty to his home team, as no matter how badly they were beaten he never took it seriously or got sore, as so many do. We remember Jimmy now as we saw him the last time Hinsdale played ball on the local diamond. He wore an old pair of overalls and a cap with the peak reversed. With everything against them and the score 40 or so in Malta's favor, Jimmy yelled for Hinsdale till the last man was out. James Murphy may have had a few faults, but his good deeds will live forever, and we are sure the Giver of all good has found a place heaven for the soul of 'Little Jimmy Murphy." FUNNY.

ISN'T IT? The funniest thing in democratic press of the state since the farmer's big convention in Great Falls, is the trying to explain away the situation of the state democratic office holders towards the farmers of the state. It was shown at the meeting that State Treasurer Rae was doing all he could to keep the farmers from getting cheaper money through the Farm Loan Law, which is on our statute books, and in this he was ably supported by our attorney general, the latter being an appointee of Governor Stewart. The fact that both of these men were hissed and hooted when they were explaining their side of the case to the farmers in the convention, is proof positive just where the present democratic office holders are at with the Observer John E. Smith was in from Phillips on business Tuesday. F.

R. Ellis, the Coburg auctioneer was a Malta visitor last Saturday. Mr. Ellis says it keeps him busy crying the numerous sales in this territory this season. Ed.

White of this place, is of the opinion that there is one too many fellows in the country by his name. A man by the name of Ed. White was wanted at Plentywood for forgery. Ed. was at Fort Benton attending to business matters ana the sheriff of Choteau county promptly proceeded to arrest him and it took all of Ed's oratorical ability to convince the sheriff that he was not the particular brand of Ed.

White wanted. Later the White wanted was arrested at Plentywood. DISTRICT COURT. Civil Actions Commenced. Continental Oil Co.

vs. J. W. Jameson, action on account, transcript from Blaine county. C.

W. Hanson VS. G. H. et al, three actions were transferred from Blaine county between this plaintiff and defendant involving possession of realty.

Naturalizations. August Eveen of Dodson, declared his intention to become a citizen renouncing allegiance from Norway. Hermann Wein declared his intention to become a citizen, renouncing alegiance from Germany. Christian Person declared his intention to become a citizen, renouncing allegiance from Great Britian. Carl P.

Nelson filed petition for full citizenship. Marriage Licenses. Percy O. Oakes, age 26, to Margaret Gilbert, age 20, both of Saco. SCHOOL NOTES Anna Lee Survant has been detained from school the past week.

Miss Berg was unable to attend to her duties Monday. The high school athletic association profited nicely by the Saint Patrick's dance. They will try again, as there is need of funds for the spring campaign. Six boys were out for practice Monday, Most of them have secured spikes and are going into the training. in for meets earnest.

is April The 29, provable Saco vs. Malta, at Malta; May 6th, Northern Montana Meet at Glasgow; week of May 15th, State meet at Missoula. Not being on the accredited list we shall have to pay all expenses to and from Missoula and Glasgow. This will not require an unreasonable sum. The material in school appears good enough to justify the expenditure.

It will not only give the boys a broadening experience, but it will reflect credit upon the town. To carry the athletic plans to completeness the boys will need assistance. Yet they will not seek to raise a cent by subscription, but will find other means whereby the contributors will obtain something quite tangible in return for their money. Let's continue to cooperate. lecture course, to be given under the auspices of the school has been secured for next year.

The course will consist of four numbers, two musical, one cartoonist, and a I I I lecture. An effort will be made to secure one or two other first class attractions, making six numbers on the school lecture course. At a recent meeting of the sonool trustees it was voted to install a shower bath equipment in the boys' play room for the use of the track athletes. The attention of the lumber wagon traveling public is called to the fact that the school ground is not a public highway. Several teams nave crossed the grounds recently leaving the soft ground in bad condition.

Please keep to the road! At a meeting of the last season's team Monday, Teddy Rusten was elected captain of the basket ball team for next year. Sheriff Puck Powell was a business caller Tuesday in this city from Glasgow. Editor Joe Hocking was in the city a short time yesterday while on his way to Helena, where he attended the big political meeting Tuesday Among the parties who arrived front the east this week looking for land and registered at the Great Northern, hotel were, A. L. Miller, Hazelton, N.

Hector McLean of Calvin. N. W. Hunt of Hannah, and Eme: son Ager of Calvin. N.

D. We learn from pretty good authorit; the fa*gle lodge, at this lace, start hui ng at an early he lodge ur based lots abort' ter they lost their hall 'y "re in be summer 1014. and are nOW in condition to build. A nice hall in this town sadly needed no doubt prove to te stment Honest Hosiery We make a specialty of honest hosiery for men, women and children, from 10 cents per pair up. We recommend especially our BEAR BRAND HOSE for men at two pair for and 25c.

per pair, and for children at 15c. to 25c. per pair. They are the biggest hosiery values in the country. Come Here Always for Your Hose THE FAIR STORE RIVER HAS BEEN HIGH.

The water in Milk river fell six feet here Monday night. For a while Sunday it was dangerously high near the Great Northern railroad bridge and quite an ice jam formed. This went out during Monday night however, taking all the flood water back of it, along down SO that there not likely more danger this spring unless there are heavy rains in June to cause the customary June rise. Some of the residents of the Riverside addition near the old wagon bridge, were on the point of moving out. but the water receeded in time for them to avoid the move.

The only serious damage was the backing up of the sewer in the Phillips county jail and for a time Sunday there was over foot of water on the jail floor. The prisoners were removed to the city jail across the track for the mght, but the water all went out Monday SO they are again safe at home with Jailor Crabb. Dr. Margaret Kromer of Helena, the eye specialist, has been at the Great Northern hotel the past few days attending to her many patients Jas. Costello, clerk at the Malta Cash store, received fracture of the ankle by being thrown from a horse Sunday morning.

The horse stumbled in a mud hole and fell. It is understood that C. M. Byllsby has traded his farm four miles east of Malta to Mrs. Jas.

Wolfe of Malden, for a house and lot in that city. The properties were valued at about $4,000 each. CORPUS CHRISTI CHURCH. Lenton devotions were held here Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. The regular fourth Sunday services will be held here next Sunday at 8:00 o'clock and 10:30.

In the afternoon at 2:00 o'clock special instructions for children, and at 3:00 o'clock "The Way of the Cross" will be recited, followed by Benediction. On Monday, the 27th, low inass will be said at 7:30. Those living some distance from town are urged to come prepared for the afternoon's services next Sunday. The Catholics here have attended the lenten services in large numbers and the congregation appreciate what is being done for them. DR.

J. B. McCOLLUM EXPERT OPTICIAN -andEYE SPECIALIST of Great Falls, will be at the Great Northern Hotel, Malta, APRIL 2ND, 3RD AND 4TH SACO, APRIL 5TH HINSDALE, APRIL 6TH Glasses Scientifically fitted for any defects of the eye sight. Free Examinations. THRILLING SENSATIONAL ORPHEUM ONE NIGHT ONLY Thursday, Mch.

30th "Damaged Goods' A A 7-Big Reels The great vital drama of moral uplift that the whole country is talking about. Endorsed by ministers, physicians and reformers. "Damaged Goods" is a sermon--the most awakening you have ever heard. NO CHILDREN UNDER 16 YEARS OF AGE ADMITTED Two Full and 9:00 ADMISSION, 25 CENTS. INTERESTING UPLIFTING.

Phillips County News from Malta, Montana (2024)
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